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Rare colored diamonds and gemstones with the highest profit potential.


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Between jewelery, investment grade colored diamonds and gemstones that provide capital security.


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From our Sunburst diamond experts n WHAT to buy and WHEN to sell for maximum profit.


Sunburst Rare Diamonds Inc.

Over the next five years, rare coloured diamonds are the best investment you can make. Earn 15% to 20% annually in certified investment grade diamonds with proven returns since 1959.

  • Whoever owns coloured diamonds will gain – it is a solid investment
  • Pink is running out the quickest
  • Yellow has been an excellent investment for years – low risk with high returns
  • Now is the time to purchase – before the diamonds are out of reach
  • It will protect your wealth – a hedge against inflation
  • Very low risk

Investing in rare natural fancy colored diamonds and precious colored gemstones introduces diversification to one’s portfolio providing shelter from paper assets and the uncertainty found within individual financial markets. A balance of security and performance.

Please enjoy our website and learn about the opportunities that exist in owning some of the rarest and most valuable hard assets in the world. Investors and collectors alike appreciate the simplicity, safety, and the willingness of our knowledgeable staff to help educate our customers on the intricacies of investing in some of the rarest and most exquisite diamonds and gemstones available today.

Specializing in Certified Natural Fancy Colored Diamonds and other Valuable Gemstones.


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We have the Ability to search the world for the highest quality and best value.

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We will be there from the start to ensure you make informed decisions.

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You hold your very own diamonds & gemstones once you invest with Sunburst!

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All of our colored diamonds and gemstones are delivered fully insured via bonded courier such as FEDEX or by Brinks.

The 5 C's Of Diamonds

While IGI provides the 4Cs to help protect customers, Sunburst Rare Diamonds Inc. promises the 5th C.

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